Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me.

Howdy Howdy Howdy. I'm suffering from what seems to be the incurable disease known as boredom. Which brought me to Blogspot. Hahahaha.
I've been doing the usual, you know. Like:

Listening to Frank Sinatra, which is both lovely and ENITRELY SUCKY because it makes me cry. (: But that man has me all ears. Like this LOVELY SONG! (Click it.)

Also, preparing for the zombie outbreak of the century (IT WILL COME!!) by storing cans of food and guns in my attic. (Just kidding mom, of course I don't have a hidden stash of guns...heh..)

And of course the writing and drawing that comes with being who I am. It's the CREATIVE CURSE!!!
Please enjoy the following montage of pictures I've drawn that I'm semi-proud of. 

By the way, these are from years ago. Eventually, I'll be posting new things, but I'm just too lazy. :]
Maybe if I get some requests.....
*ahem* Anyways, my new novel which I've been oh-so-diligently writing is on it's way to my Blog, I've just gotta fix it up. :] BE PREPARED! <3

That's all, folks. Comment or critique if you'd like. :D

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