Sunday, August 1, 2010


Aren't zombies lovely? There's nothing more fascinating than immoral, corrupted humans clambering after their living, breathing fellow species. Unwilling cannibalism... The concept is ingenious. Maybe it's just me. (:
Although, after reading The Zombie Survival Guide by the marvelous Max Brooks, I can't help but realize just how LIKELY a "World War Z" could be. O.o
Don't worry, I'll share my underground-potential-zombie-outbreak-fortress with you.
And I've been messing around with Google, and found myself a zombie outbreak simulator which was Bwahahahaha.


Also, I took the zombie survival quiz, and scored an overall A (Thank you, Max Brooks! <3). :]
Though the quiz is fairly long (52 questions), I recommend it.


That's all for right now. Watch for signs of outbreaks. They could happen anywhere. ;)


  1. lex!!!!!!!

    awesome blog! :D

    haha i didnt know you actually believed in zombie apocalypse

  2. There is just nothing like a good brain muncher.
    Nothing else comes close.